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Borut Lazar

founder and chief scientist, a seasoned biologist with more than 15 years of education, publishing and research experience. Active in algal technology for many years being a cohesive force of many resources in the field. Previous posts include a research post at the Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana, editor at Publishing house Modrijan, Ljubljana and a biology teacher and science mentor at Gimnazija Želimlje. Other activities include singing at the Biological Octet, diving, sailing and skiing.

+386 40 884 566

Robert Reinhardt

founder and chief executive officer, an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of research and business experience. As a mathematician by background, he became interested in algal technology from both the business and research perspective. Previous posts include research in computer science at Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, founder and CEO of a system integration and software development company, managing its growth from 5 to 80 employees, and its merger into international system integrator. In recent years he was active as a consultant and/or business angel in the premier slovenian online employment portal, an internet service provider in its financial reorganization and merger, in a slovenian-romanian renewable energy and agricultural company, and many others. Other activities include flying, diving, sailing.

+386 41 613 746

Maja Berden Zrimec

senior researcher and project manager with a PhD from Biology Dept. (University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Slovenia). She has more than 25 years’ experience with algal physiology, ecology, and toxicology, field, and laboratory work. Previous posts include co-founding and leading algae & ecotoxicology lab at the Institute of Physical Biology, being the Head of research groups, building an international educational platform on Harnessing the Power of Biopolymers for Human Well-Being in CO PoliMaT, and working with remote sensing and photogrammetry of the seabed (primarily with seagrasses and seaweed) at Harpha Sea. Other activities include writing, travel, regular contributions on biology to national popular journals.

+386 41 613 746

AlgEn is a student friendly company, so we always have a number of students doing their research and training in our lab. We host groups of microbiology students as part of their practical education, both in the biotechnology area, but we also like to demonstrate some business aspects of biotechnology.

AlgEn has a strong partner network in business and academia. Many procedures are outsourced to our partners who are better equipped or more streamlined to work in specific areas. AlgEn likes to consider itself as the coordinator and facilitator of activities that form a solution web.

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