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The critical need at European level is present for economically reliable alga biomass production. At this research and development field many countries, especially the United States is much ahead Europe. On the other hand, nor the land space, neither the capital is present for creation of huge application sites. The need can only be fulfilled by SMEs, that willing to apply innovative technologies for small scale algae production. On this market, however, the bottle neck is the lack of efficient, universal reactor, and information about sustainability and feasibility of algae production. The ALGADSIK project, is focusing on this need of SMEs, by developing a universal and scalable reactor system with appropriate design and prediction software.

The project is supported by the Seventh Framework Program (FP7) under the Research of the Benefit of SME Associations scheme. 12 participants (3 associations, 4 small and medium enterprises and 4 research institutions) will work on the realization of the project for 36 months.

More information is available online on project web site

Thursday, 14. August 2014
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