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AlgEn has currently no open positions for employment.

AlgEn always welcomes offers for potential cooperation in any form. Please send such offers to info (at)

N.B. We treat any information that we receive in accordance to our privacy policy.

We treat any information received in a strictly confidential way and we do not pass any personal information to any other party.

Any personal information received as a reply to a specific job offering is kept for as long as needed for the selection process.

We do store information from the received cooperation offers provided in an unsolicited way for further selection and possible later cooperation. In any such case we will contact you before proceeding in any way.

We do include e-mail addreses of people proposing potential cooperation into our general mailing lists (used to inform wide audience on our activities on a very infrequent basis). If you wish that your information is not stored for future use or not included in the general mailing list, please state so in the e-mail.

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