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Vision and strategy


We believe algal technology is about to change the world. Algae, properly harnessed by using appropriate technology, have such a great potential that it is impossible to ignore. The bloom of algal technologies as a research and development topic indicates that parts of the technology are being developed and they will eventually fit into cost effective, sustainable solutions. AlgEn is developing its own innovative components of the new big future solution. AlgEn is also integrating the best of available technology into present day solutions for its customers. And yes, we want that algae change the world again as they did 2 billion (109) years ago.

Strategy: Develop particular innovative parts, use then in systems composed of state of the art components and solving our customers’ needs. Partner with peer solution and component providers. Liaise with research and development organizations. Learn and acquire experience in technological solutions that are available today. Contribute our own technology into global solutions worldwide.

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